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Check the dieline for double-crease lines located at the same place. If not, please share a minimal AI file, showing the problem.

Sure, you can do this by either providing a different crease angles for panels, or by shifting the panels themselves a bit. The tutorial is not about that, but solves quite a similar problem:

Origami is for flat cardboard shapes, it can't do flexible bags. Give the loft shape a try, otherwise consider looking for a 3rd party model.

That's on the front page: Boxshot supports loading FBX, 3DS, STL, PLY, DXF, OBJ and Collada (DAE) files to use in scenes.

Btw, you can also try the loft shape to make such a bag, but it might be not easy: (or it is what you called tube?)

Unfortunately, Boxshot does not have such a shape built in. We have some fixed-size shapes like that here: or you can try finding out one somewhere else as a 3D model and import it to Boxshot.

Well, I would contact their support then with the original exported file or the _modified one (not the _modified2) and ask what exactly is the problem with importing the model. I am almost sure, the problem is on their side.

Well, the file opens well in Boxshot and Koru. I also tried it in Photoshop and it was loaded well:

Could you try the attached file and see if it works better in Keyshot? OrigamiTest_V01_PB_modified.dae

If not, I would contact the Keyshot support and ask why it is not loaded well. Meanwhile, you can try exporting to OBJ format, which might work better.

I got your point, thank you.

Technically, there is no specific reason to have them sorted ascending and we could reverse that. The only difference is that if you add multiple tasks at once, they will be listed in the "reverse" order. Maybe the sorting order should be an option...