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Great, glad that it works for you. We did some tests and it seems that we can crop the wrapped artwork if it is too long, so this should be added in the next update. As for the "whole pdf" feature - it sounds interesting, but requires pdf pages support from Boxshot, which is not there yet. Please feel free to make a separate "idea" post about this feature, let's see if it gets some support from the community.

When you queue a rendering job, Boxshot makes a folder with a current timestamp in its name and then sorts the items by that name. You should get the latest queued element at the bottom of the list. It almost works that way in the video, except for a couple of items that go after the new item. Unfortunately, the screencast doesn't show the queued jobs folder, so I can't tell if this is true, but I suppose you have some normally-named folders there that go after the timestamp-named ones if sorted by name. Remove them and you should get the new items at the bottom.

Also, the job manager is not designed to keep all the finished jobs there forever. We recommend removing or replacing the job projects once they are finished. It is not a technical limitation or issue, though... It is just for your convenience.

Thanks for the video, appreciated. In one of the previous discussions you mentioned, that you usually know the width of the book, so it would be more convenient to enter the width in "full cover" mode, so Boxshot could calculate the thickness. In your video you put a 38.6 cm wide texture and leave the width as 14.6. Boxshot does the math: 38.6 - 14.6 * 2 = 9.4 and set the thickness to that value. Consider specifying the width instead. There is even a reminder about that under the "Fit to images" button.

I got your point regarding cropping. We'll need some time to have a look and see if it is possible. So far the "Crop texture" is the way to go, but it might not be as convenient, as the automatic cropping, of course.

We'll see what we can do for thinner books.

As for the hard cover books to spread transformation, the idea is that you can start with a closed standing hard cover book and make it completely open right in the editor. It is not about converting them to some other book type. You simply open the cover wide, split the textblock into two pieces and move them towards the open covers. Eventually, you'll get a "hard cover spread on the floor" shape out of the closed standing one. However, it takes time and it is much easier to start from the right shape initially.

You might need to add some extra control points to the spine in order to get that square look. See below:

That's just a quick example, showing the idea. Spending a little bit more time in the editor could give even better shape.

There is no "Flat spine" preset in the list (yet), but you can configure the spine shape in the manual mode.

Yes, there are limits for all the parameters of the book. Say the cover thickness could be up to 2mm and if you make it such thick and set the total thickness to 2mm, what should Boxshot do? That's why there are limits. Another option is to remove the limits, but make buggy shapes for some extreme combinations of parameters.

As a workaround you could probably increase all the sizes by 10 times, so 2mm book becomes a 2cm one. Unless there's something else around no one will see the difference after rendering :)

This version should update the thickness by using the total artwork width and the book width. It sounds like you type in the thickness and it gets updated again. If I am wrong, please share a sample project, so we can test it here. It would help if you save it exactly before you clicked "Fit to images" and get the wrong dimensions.

As for the artwork wrapping, it is currently limited by the maximum distance between the leaves and cover edge plus some allowance for the cover thickness. It is not a problem to increase that, but the artwork will look "compressed" around the cover. Not sure if it is a good thing and there will be much more difficult to guess the proper number for non-stretched wrapping. Do you think it is worth it?

Sure, you can have them both installed at the same time. I'd recommend to install the 4th version first, then the 5th one, so they properly handle all the supported file types. If you already have version 5 installed, remove it first and reinstall in the order above.

I can't tell you it for sure yet, but it may take about a month or so to finish the beta-testing. You can use the beta right now, it is quite stable already and has some nice new features :)