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No, Boxshot 4 can't open Boxshot 5 projects.

Hello Chris,

You probably have the depth of field effect enabled in the camera settings at the left. Try disabling or adjusting it as described here:

Let me know if it doesn't help.

This is in plans, should be added this year.

Thanks, we'll see what can be done.

Just upload it somewhere to the cloud and send a link with a private message here. Please make sure you used File->Collect Resources in Boxshot menu to get all the artwork together.

There is an option in settings to reduce texture resolutions in preview. Give it a try in the OpenGL mode and see if it helps. Personally, I think the problem is caused by the number of objects. Bags are quite complex shapes with many polygons and having a large number of them in scene may affect performance.

Any chance you can share the scene privately?

Boxshot has to re-generate all the objects at loading, it also needs to load all the artwork, so it may take time to load the scene. However, 6 minutes is not a good result... As for the overall performance, do you use OpenGL or raytracing preview? Have you tried switching between them to get any speedup?

You can do this particular layout with shuffle option, which lets you flip pages.

See here for more details:

However, it won't work if you want the pages to be ordered in "cut stack" way, so the numbers go down the stack first.

If I get it right and you want the option to flip some of the cut stack pages, this is not supported yet. However, we have this in plans.

I'll put this to the todo list.