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We do not support custom javascript code for callout actions yet. Let's make this a public feature request and see if it gets some support here.

Koru scales textures down on export, as high resolution textures may not work well on the web, especially on low-end mobile devices. You can configure that in export options. There is an option for the maximum resolution and the list of exception, so some textures may be left unscaled.

Hello Glen,

We don't have accounts there to keep it simple, so there is no way to see all the scenes in one place. However, we send an email on each upload, so you could probably look into your email software for them and get the full list.

If you can't, please send me a private request, so I can make a list for you.


Try checking "Split inner geometry" box and then make the "Inside Front" material transparent, as well. Do not forget to set both Front and Inside Front materials to metallic and reduce the reflection to 0%.

I need the project itself, not the rendering result. By having a project here, I can load it and have a better look at the materials and the scene to have a better idea of why you see the dots. Please click File->Collect Resources in Boxshot menu, ZIP the output and send it here. You can do this privately, if needed.

Any chance you can provide a minimal project showing the problem?

Try reducing the curve smoothness level of the paper roll to something about 75%. It looks like the mesh of the paper roll becomes too detailed, so the decal fails to apply to it properly. Reducing the level of details helps without any visible issues to the main shape.

Does it help to render more? Also, what is the software version you use?

For almost 15 years of Boxshot, I don't think someone ever asked for supporting bleeds, so I believe the artwork is prepared a different way for rendering. There is a request for multi-page PDF support and maybe we can consider adding better trim/bleed boxes support there, but so far Boxshot uses crop box when loading PDF and AI files. Providing that we have a "crop texture" option, it might be quite confusing to use both at the same time. Anyway, you are very welcome to submit a separate "idea" request for bleeds, so we can hear the others.

Thanks for the image, if you have more - you are very welcome to post a bulk link privately :)