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Hello Mikas,

It is at the second page here:

Hope this helps.

You can ask right here, the forum is for questions and ideas. You initially put this as an idea, but asked a question instead. If you want a feature, please describe it in more details, so others can support it.

A simple sample scene would really help, as so far I can't understand what exactly is the problem.

You can change the lid's crease angle to open the box. Unfortunately, there is no animation there, but you can still render it open or closed, depending on your needs.

See here for more details:

Thanks. It looks like if the MTL file is missed, Boxshot uses grey color as default, instead of white. Will look into that.

Meanwhile you can use this in the script editor to change all the colors at once:

var n = node("External Model_0"); // put your node name here
var mtls = n.materials;
for (var i in mtls) {
    var mtl = mtls[i];
    mtl.diffuseTint = color(1, 1, 1, 1);

Can I see a sample model please? For external models Boxshot uses their own materials and properties, so if the color is loaded grey, it is most likely that grey in the model. If we change that, this may affect other models with proper colors.

Hello Marcus,

You can create the book spread shape, then rotate it upside down using gizmo: - this can be done in Boxshot Home.

It should say 8K, not 8000K. Please let me know if it says 8000K somewhere, as this must be a mistake.

Boxshot Home renders to resolutions up to 1024x1024 pixels, while the Professional version can do 8192x8192 pixels. You can find pixel resolutions and much more details here:

As long as you have a valid non-expired license for version 4, you can use version 5, as well. Boxshot 5 uses a different rendering engine that may further improve your renderings, but as long as you are happy with the latest Boxshot 4, you can stay there while version 5 is still in beta.