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Boxshot exports animations as frames, so you can then encode it to video the way you need. There are too many video codecs and various compression options, so we'd better leave that to video editors.

This forum is exactly for that. Create a new message with a descriptive title and content, select "Idea" as the message type and submit. The more support it gets, the more the chances we'll implement that.

We added comma support in version 5.0.2. Although the dot is still the main decimal delimiter, you can now use commas when entering numbers.

More details are here:

We added support of commas in 5.0.2. The dot is still the main delimiter, but commas are now accepted, as well:

I believe we fixed the arrows (gizmo) problem in the latest update. See here:

Thanks for your feedback, appreciated. We've just released Boxshot 5.0.2, where both problems were fixed. See here for more details:

Nice bucket, btw. Can we have it in the gallery?

Switch the UV mapping mode back to "Original", then set "Repeat U" to 2:

Then you can fine-tune it with "Offset U" parameter. The screenshot is taken in version 5 beta, but it should work the same in version 4.

Loft generator makes a nice side mapping, but it doesn't make sure it is perfectly wrapped, so you need to adjust it with repeat/offset parameters, but there is no need to change the mapping mode.

The latest stable Boxshot is 4.15.1, so I would recommend updating the software and seeing if it helps. If not, please send the project you show on the screenshot. Simply set up everything, so the problem is there, then click File->Collect Resources in the main menu and point to an empty folder. Then compress everything you'll find there and send the ZIP here.

Also, we have Boxshot 5 beta in the blog, you can try it as well. It features a different renderer that may work better for you.

As for the white stripe on the last image - I need the project with the artwork for that. It could the backside visible from the front, or maybe an artefact. It is hard to tell by just a screenshot.