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Do you mean this?

Can you make a simple project that clearly reproduces that? I can't make it look this way here. It would also help to know your rendering settings like resolution, quality and so on, including the version of the software you use.

Btw, I like the images. It would be nice if you can share something for our gallery. Can you?

Yes, Boxshot has simpler materials. Consider turning fresnel reflection off and using Reflection Level slider and Reflection Tint control to create metallic materials.

Can I see some screenshots showing the problem, please?

It is hard to tell by just some screenshots, but I see two problems here:

1. The cat looks unproportional, it is scaled down vertically. This means that the shape is not tall enough for the artwork, or the artwork is way too tall for such shape.

2. The art is not aligned to the side of the shape. This can be corrected by editing Offset U parameter at the very bottom of the Materials panel for your side material.

Let me know if you need any further help with this.

Hi, have a look here for Wordpress integration tips:

As for the watermarks, yes you can do this. See here:

You can do this right now by adding some custom CSS. See here for more details:

This means to make loft figures parametric instead of the static ones as they are now. That's quite a different approach, but let's keep it here and see the feedback.

Please have a look here and let me know if it doesn't help.