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Please have a look here:

Combined with the recently released Koru 1.6 this should solve the problem.

Sure, once you get it scaled this way, the corners will stretch. Consider making base shapes (figures) of exactly the size you need, so you can use them without stretching. Say if you need a rounded rectangle, make one in Illustrator, then export to SVG and drop here. 

The shape in the screenshot. Cylinders have Segments option that controls the level of details of the shape. Try increasing it to make a smoother shape and see if it helps.

Hello Benoit,

Have a look here: - loft object has scaling option that lets you scale on one or both sides. I guess that's what you faced up.

Let me know if it doesn't help. I'll need a more detailed problem description then.


We're going to partially address this in the next update. Meanwhile you can put a transparent div on top of the Koru scene that will prevent Koru from stealing mouse wheel while you scroll. You can attach a click handler that removes the DIV once the user clicks the scene.

I personally see no good solution for that, as Command+Scroll for zoom is hardly a good idea, too.

There will be a tutorial about this soon.

What is the shape on the screenshot?

At the moment Boxshot uses all the cores in both preview, production rendering and "render later" modes. Do you want to configure them all independently or just need a single parameter that works for all the modes?

Also, if you set it to use say 2 cores, preview will use 2 cores and render later will use 2 cores. This gives you 4 cores in total. Is that as expected? Or maybe you want to limit the whole application by just a given number of cores?

Can someone attach a simple AI file showing the feature, please?

Yes, this version saves the name you entered when exporting a 3D model or saving an image and should use it the next time you do the same. The names are saved on a per-Illustrator project basis, so you should have proper export names even if working with multiple files at the same time.

The previous version used the latest used file name, so when you switch to a different project in Illustrator it still used the old name. The new version will offer an empty name in that case.

Does it work this way in your case or it doesn't work even for the same project being exported twice? Please provide more details or maybe a step-by-step guide to reproduce the problem, so we can test it here.

That's interesting, thank you. Any chance you can share the whole scene please? Artwork is not needed, just the project please.

As for 4 vs 5 - that's why we have that beta-testing. The goal is to sort the most issues out before the public release. Please feel free to share what exactly is uncomfortable. The more feedback we get, the better.