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Elements can already be grouped and moved in a group as far as I'm aware.
You need to buy the coffee bag pack from the store.

I know what your saying though I don't like the way when u add volume it inflates it like a balloon it should really add volume from the bottom so it looks weighted not like its been pumped with helium.
No thanks this would be a bad idea. It's not expensive as it is.
You can view the folds in the preview in illustrator as your doing it
Curved creases are the only thing it still doesn't support it does all of the above.
Yea either this or be able to use an external renderer like vray or maxwell.
its still a gusseted bag, what you need to be able to do is allow more control on the volume, instead of using the slider and every shape just blowing up like a balloon.
Please look at esko's shape shop where you buy shapes that's what you need to do everything they have you need.