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Thanks for the response. I really enjoy Boxshot and use it just about every day. This is unfortunate, the Bags are very unrealistic and could use some way to transform them. Respectfully, because they are pretty much Static models, I feel I paid way to much for them.

OK found it 


How do I SWITCH to Raytracing preview?

Oh, and yes, LABEL object works amazing. 


Can I fake a liquid by putting a custom shape "curve" inside the bottle and make it transparent-ish? Is that how you would do it? 

I love pushing this software. I've used it for years and the improvements you keep adding are awesome. Thank you so much.


This one did not work. Exported using the two previous techniques.

Asset 1.svg

This one worked using a third technique (attached)

Not sure why this way worked. Unfortunately I also changed the PATH direction on this latest export, so I'm not sure what was the magic: path direction, or this third way AI has to create an SVG.


There are two SVG option dialogs because I tried two different ways of creating the SVG