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Thanks, I was able to remove the seam line, the path was an import from illustrator, by deleting the illustrator point that was causing the seam line and replacing it with a point within the boxshot curve editor the seam disappeared

I've answered my question, I found the Illustrator artwork resolution settings in Origami!

Im using version 5. I've attached an SVG file from adobe illustrator

pharma bottle.svg

....I was able to do this by editing the curve editor svg file

In follow up to my original post, I am rendering the same bottle from 4 to 5. The bottle material is simple clean glass. In version 5 I cannot figure out how to get a less opaque (dark) appearance on the glass. The preview looks far lighter than the render. What setting do I use to decrease this opaqueness. Screen shots attached.

So in Boxshot 5 i can hide parts of my lathed shape and apply the label art (texture) to wrap that specific part? I've attached a bottle I made using the lathe. As you can see my label wraps over the entire bottle. I want it to wrap around the center area only indicated by the red line and hide the top and bottom areas.

I found a 3rd party pump. I can load it in easily enough. My question is I cant seem to isolate the bottle part to apply the label. I've tried it as a decal and it places it over the entire object. Is there a way to be able to isolate parts the object? I have a .obj file and a 3ds file of this bottle

neve rmind got it, works great thanks!

Can you tell me where to find how to create a decal?